Keeping Your App Up-To-Date

Updating your web-app is just as important as keeping up on maintenance on your home or auto (if not more). Updating will keep you running smoothly and securely, and keep you on the cutting-edge of technology. Stateless Studio offers two types of updates, Essentials Updates and Platform Upgrades.

Why keep my web-app up-to-date?

Over time, websites can get outdated. If left too long, they can fall into a state of disrepair, just like a home or automobile. Keeping your website up-to-date fixes bugs that have popped up over time, keeps integrations compatible, and locks down any new security vulnerabilities. They also often have a big impact on the speed and responsiveness of your app.

Essentials Updates

Stateless Studio's main update package, Essentials Update, updates any add-ons or frameworks that are used in your web-app. This is important, as these frameworks are getting bugfixes, speed improvements, and security patches every day. For example, if we used Google's Angular framework or Twitter's Bootstrap on your app, it is important to follow through when Google or Twitter have updates for you.

How often are Essentials Updates required?

We typically recommend updating at least once a month for most apps. However, apps which may be more complicated, more mission-critical, or have a large user-base should update weekly or more. If you'd like, we can let you know when you're due for a critical update.

How much do Essentials Updates cost?

Stateless Studio charges $125 per Essentials Updates, or 1 hour if you have a retainer with us. If you update more frequently, it may be even less expensive. We also offer discounts for clients who schedule recurring monthly or weekly updates. If your application is already long out-of-date, it may be more expensive to update.

Platform Upgrades

Platform Upgrades are major upgrades to your system, as Stateless Studio adds new features and improvements to our base web-app framework. They include an Essentials Update, plus new functionality or improvements.

How often are Platform Upgrades available?

We typically release a new Platform Upgrade every 6-12 months, depending on how much we've added to our base-system.

How much do Platform Upgrades cost?

Platform Upgrades typically cost $275, or 3 hours if you have a retainer with us. This price can vary based on the size of your app, the size of the upgrade, and the length of time since your last upgrade.

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