What is Stateless Studio?

Stateless Studio was created to build beautiful apps. We are a custom design & development company located in Middletown, New Jersey - although we serve clients all over the globe. From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, Stateless Studio is a sure bet in excellent software and web solutions.

Web Development at Stateless Studio

We offer full-stack, custom websites, web-apps, and more. We develop clean, fast, and SEO-friendly websites and make sure your brand is setup for success. Read about why Angular is our favorite web framework and why it may be perfect for you.

User Experience Design at Stateless Studio

At Stateless Studio, we strive to constantly improve our process and product. We develop high quality apps that are easy-to-use and fluid. Cutting edge technology allows us to create apps that work in real time.

About the Development Team

A wide-ranging pool of talent, including designers, developers, project managers, graphic artists, and copywriters go into creating your digital transformation. We have years of experience creating next-level apps, and working closely with our clients along the way.

Is creating an app expensive?

An app can be very cost-effective to extremely expensive to develop. Stateless Studio has custom internal tools to create apps very efficiently. We’ve created app templates allow us to create apps in record time, without any sacrifice in quality. This is one of the reasons Stateless Studio can create high-quality apps while still being very competitive.

How does Stateless Studio price projects?

We have developed several pricing models to fit all client’s needs well.


Our fixed-price model allows clients to know exactly how much a project will cost before getting started. Most new projects and redesigns typically use this pricing model, as well as switching technologies (e.g. WordPress to Angular).

Time & Material

Sometimes, Stateless Studio will work on products that we didn’t create or which aren’t in a common framework. This can be like opening a hood on a car that’s been sitting for a long time - you’ll never know if it will start or what may be required to work on it. Estimating a project like this can sometimes take more time then the project is worth, so for this type of project we offer a fixed, per-hour rate.


Just like a physical store, an app requires maintenance. You may also want to tweak things on a regular basis to constantly improve. We offer monthly retainers and annual retainers to keep up on your project and be ready for anything.

Hour Blocks

We also offer blocks of hours, with lower rates for bulk purchasing.

What type of software development services does Stateless Studio offer?

  • Mobile application development

  • Websites and web-applications

  • Progressive web applications (PWA)

  • Desktop and command-line applications

  • Software engineering

  • Machine learning, custom algorithms, and Big Data

  • Cross-platform software products

  • Business intelligence and automation

  • Embedded systems

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