What is Heroku and why use it?

Heroku by Salesforce is a next-level website & web-app hosting platform. A "host" is where your website lives. Choosing a host is just like choosing a neighborhood - if you're not careful, you may wind up frustrated, stuck in traffic, or unsafe.

Heroku runs on Amazon's AWS cloud and combines the best of both quality and price. It is a "multi-tenant" platform, meaning you share space (and utilities) with other clients - sort of like an apartment building (minus the noisy neighbor!). Even though you share resources, you and your neighbors are completed seperated and safe. This is how they can provide best-in-class hosting at great prices.

Pros and Cons of Heroku

Why is this a recommended host?


Heroku is blazing fast. Coupled with Node.js and Angular, we often create apps that load in less than half of a second (That's right, less than 500 milliseconds)! Speed is crucial on the modern web, as users will ditch any website or app that takes too long to load.


We typically start most projects on a smaller plan with limited resources - and grow with your business. You pay for only what you need, and can scale up on a moment's notice. So next time you have a big announcement, you can be sure your hosting can take it - without paying for that all year long.

Secure & Reliable

Heroku uses next-level technology to prevent hackers from stealing data or defacing your website. Heroku's infrastructure is PCI-1 Compliant. Read more about how your data is protected.


With free testing plans and production-ready plans as low as $7/mo, Heroku has unmatched pricing for the extremely high level of quality they provide.

Developer Friendly

Modern developers love building apps with Heroku. It requires very little configuration and setup to spin-up websites & apps, and it takes care of all the infrastructure maintenance for you. It's also a breeze to sync code and data between the developer's machine and the production environment. Most importantly, if the developer writes a typo, it will catch it before bringing the site down!

Any disadvantages?

Not so similiar to old hosting platforms

cPanel, which most developers were familiar with in the past, is out the window (thank goodness!). Heroku offers the latest and greatest technology, but developers must forget their old ways to make the switch.

Slightly more expensive than AWS for huge apps

The technology and tools offered by Heroku don't always come free. While it's less expensive for small to medium size apps, giant apps may pay more than using AWS directly.

Why choose Stateless Studio as your Heroku developer?

Heroku is Stateless Studio's favorite hosting platform. We choose it for most apps, because of their speed, security, pricing, and ease of use. Our clients love it, too. Stateless Studio deploys to Heroku every single day. We'd love to answer any questions you have, and help you determine if Heroku is right for your project. Fill out a short form to get in touch, or send us an email to [email protected]!

What frameworks work well with it?

Read our article on Angular front-ends and Node.js back-ends.


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